Students at Kalayat Gurukul enjoy a thrilling game of volleyball, embodying teamwork and athleticism in our dynamic sports program.

Students engage in an exhilarating game of Kabaddi, fostering camaraderie and athleticism at Kalayat Gurukul.

Our students embrace teamwork and skill-building on the badminton court.

Students at Kalayat Gurukul stand together, united in their pursuit of knowledge and friendship

Empowering minds in the classroom.

Step into our vibrant classrooms at Kalayat Gurukul, where knowledge meets inspiration.

A student engrossed in the pursuit of knowledge at Kalayat Gurukul

Embracing Technology in Education

Students delve into academic exploration in our vibrant classroom environment.

Exploring the World of Knowledge Together

Students stroll through our vibrant corridors, where learning comes alive with every step.

Students gather in unity, fostering a sense of community and gratitude during the morning assembly

Students engage in morning prayers during assembly, fostering a sense of unity

Fostering a sense of community and reverence at Kalayat Gurukul

Students energize the morning assembly with invigorating physical exercises.

Students immersed in learning amidst the tranquil ambiance of our library.

Students explore the world of music through hands-on learning in our vibrant art room.

Sharing laughs and nourishing friendships over lunchtime at Kalayat Gurukul

Students hone their archery skills, embodying discipline and concentration

Students at Kalayat Gurukul enjoying a friendly game of football.

Main gate of The Girls Gurukul Kalayat

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